Commercial LED Lighting Installation

If you’re looking for a commercial LED lighting solution for your business, Infinity Energy Services can help. Whether your business operates from offices, factories, warehouses, retail units or a combination of these, LED lighting provides a highly power efficient and sustainable lighting solution that significantly reduces energy costs, maintenance, and your carbon footprint.

LED lighting has many advantages as a way of illuminating your business premises, including:

  • Instant and significant reduction in your electricity costs
  • Improved and consistent lighting quality for your staff
  • Very low maintenance
  • Excellent longevity and product warranties
LED Lighting

What are the benefits of Commercial LED Lighting?

There are many benefits of LED lighting in a business setting. Here are our Top 10 best reasons why commercial LED lighting makes sense:

Energy Efficiency

  • Lower Consumption: LEDs consume significantly less electricity compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced energy consumption translates to lower utility bills, contributing to operational cost savings.
LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services
LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services

Longevity and Reliability

  • Durable: LEDs have a notably long lifespan, often exceeding 25,000 to 50,000 hours of use.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The longevity of LEDs minimises the need for frequent replacements, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Improved Lighting Quality

  • Brighter Illumination: LEDs provide bright, uniform lighting, enhancing visibility and potentially improving productivity and safety.
  • Colour Range: They are available in various colour temperatures, allowing businesses to create the desired ambiance and visual appeal.
LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services


  • Lower Carbon Footprint: Reduced energy usage helps in lowering the carbon footprint of the business.
  • Non-Toxic Elements: Unlike some fluorescent lighting that can contain hazardous materials like mercury, LEDs do not contain toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.

 Flexibility in Design

  • Versatility: LEDs offer a wide range of fixtures and designs, allowing businesses to choose lighting that complements their aesthetics and functional needs.
  • Dynamic Control: The ability to control the colour, brightness, and distribution of LED lights allows for dynamic lighting solutions.
LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services
LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services

Enhanced Productivity

  • Better Work Environment: Good lighting can enhance the work environment, potentially boosting employee morale and productivity.
  • Eye Comfort: LEDs can be designed to offer light that is easier on the eyes, reducing eye strain for employees and visitors.

Safety Enhancement

  • Immediate Illumination: LEDs light up instantaneously to full brightness without the warm-up time that is needed with some fluorescent lights, enhancing safety in critical areas.
  • Cooler Operation: LEDs emit less heat compared to other lighting technologies, reducing fire risks and contributing to a cooler environment.
Infinity Energy LED Lighting
LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services

Improved Customer Experience

  • Attractive Displays: LEDs can enhance the visual appeal of products and displays, attracting customers and potentially driving sales.
  • Comfortable Environment: Well-lit spaces can improve the shopping or dining experience, contributing to customer comfort and satisfaction.

Brand and Image Enhancement

  • Green Image: Adopting LED lighting aligns with a sustainable and environmentally responsible image, potentially attracting eco-conscious customers and partners.
  • Modern Aesthetics: The sleek designs of LED fixtures can contribute to a modern and professional business image.
LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services
LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services

Operational Stability

  • Performance in Extremes: LEDs tend to perform reliably in a range of temperatures and conditions, providing stable lighting in various operational settings.
  • Consistent Output: LEDs maintain their colour and brightness over time, providing consistent lighting even as they approach the end of their life.

Examples of Commercial LED Lighting savings

See how we have helped many businesses reduce both their energy bills and carbon footprint.

LED Lighting

Carte Blanche

Annual running cost saving £13,914
Carbon footprint down 50.9 Tons/Yr
5 year total saving £84,395
Project payback within 30 Months

LED Lighting

Expo Technologies

Annual running cost saving £7,214
Carbon footprint down 27.9 Tons/Yr
5 year total saving £43,549
Project payback within 30 Months

LED Lighting

Contender UK

Annual running cost saving £2,342
Carbon footprint down 8.5 Tons/Yr
5 year total saving £14,299
Project payback within 39 Months

Why choose Infinity Energy Services?

LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services

Founded in 2011, we have been helping businesses save money and reduce their carbon footprint ever since.

  • Multi-award-winning company
  • Excellent commercial references – ask to speak to previous clients
  • Highest efficiency LEDs for maximum savings
  • One-stop-shop for all your renewable energy needs

Factors to consider when choosing LED lighting

LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services
  • Purpose: Determine the primary purpose of the lighting, e.g. task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting, etc.
  • Luminous Efficiency: Look for LEDs that offer a high lumen output per watt, indicating energy efficiency.
  • Colour Temperature: Choose a suitable colour temperature (measured in Kelvins) that fits the ambiance and functionality you want.
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index): For businesses where accurate colour representation is essential (e.g. retail or art galleries), a high CRI value is crucial.
  • Dimmability: Consider whether you need the lights to be dimmable for creating different moods or saving energy during off-peak hours.
  • Durability & Longevity: LEDs are known for their long life, but quality varies among manufacturers.
  • Cost: Evaluate the total cost of ownership, including the initial cost, maintenance, and energy savings.
LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services

Choose the right LED lighting technology

LED lighting technology has developed considerably over the years. There are now many different types of luminaire, all with varying colour temperatures, output in lumens, lux ratings, etc. We help you choose the right LED lighting technology for your business.

Here is a quick summary of the main commercial LED lighting technologies available:

Traditional LED (SMD LED)

Description: Surface Mounted Device (SMD) LEDs are the most common type of LEDs. They can have multiple colours in one chip, leading to colour-changing capabilities.

Best for: General lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting.

LED Lighting
LED Lighting Infinity Energy Services

COB LED (Chip On Board)

Description: COB LEDs have multiple LED chips (tiny diodes) bonded directly to a substrate to form a single module. They have high-density light output and reduced glare.

Best for: Spotlights, downlights, high bay lighting, and other applications where focused light is required.

High-Power LED

Description: These are individual diodes usually designed for applications that need more light, often used in commercial and industrial settings.

Best for: Streetlights, warehouse lighting, and large outdoor areas.

OLED (Organic LED)

Description: OLEDs are made from organic compounds and are thinner and more flexible than traditional LEDs. They are often used in screens and displays but are also emerging in the lighting sector.

Best for: Innovative and decorative lighting solutions, flexible or transparent light panels.

LED Filament Bulbs

Description: These LEDs mimic the look of traditional incandescent bulbs, but with the energy-saving benefits of LEDs.

Best for: Decorative or ambient lighting in settings where a vintage or classic aesthetic is desired.

LED Lighting
LED Lighting

Integrated LED Fixtures

Description: The LED module is built directly into the light fixture and is non-replaceable. This can allow for sleeker designs and optimized heat dissipation.

Best for: Modern office spaces, retail settings, and locations where aesthetics and design are a priority.

Smart LEDs

Description: These LEDs can be controlled remotely using smartphone apps or smart home systems. They often offer colour-changing capabilities, dimming, and scheduling.

Best for: Businesses that require customizable lighting solutions, such as event venues, bars, or restaurants.

LED Lighting



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