Monitor when and where you use (and waste) money on energy

The powerful cloud based platform provides a full insight to where and when you spend money on energy, at appliance or circuit level, across multiple locations – in real time.

With a simple to use and intuitive interface, it makes reporting and analysing your energy usage a breeze.

With these insights, on average customers have proven to reduce their annual energy bills by 30% – simply by making confident, informed decisions for positive changes to cut energy wastage.

appliances energy usage report - Energy Monitor

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With the energy monitor insights, we help customers see where their energy is being used (and wasted) and propose energy saving solutions from LED lighting and energy controls to solar PV systems for business.

Online dashboard

View how much energy is being used by your business, by what and when – across multiple locations. You can also view individual items for specific detail.

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No more wastage

By splitting your energy usage into working and non-working hours, you can see immediately any out of hours energy wastage and plan positive changes to start saving.

energy spend report sample - Energy Monitor

“We believe our platform provides more detail than anyone else in the industry…”

commercial energy monitor - Energy Monitor

What utilities can we monitor?

We can monitor everything that costs your business money and show your energy consumption for each utility, at every minute of the day – at a building, sub-meter or circuit level. We measure both electricity consumption and generation including Solar PV, Wind and Hydro.

The cloud based software shapes your data into easy to understand reports so you can quickly see summaries of all your utility usage in real-time and we’re confident that we provide more detail than anyone else in the industry.

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Expert installation and ongoing support

Once installed, you will be assigned a MeasureMyEnergy account manager who will be on hand for any technical queries with a support team available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Installation takes typically under 2 hours (subject to the number of circuits you wish to monitor) and usually does not require powering off of the distribution board.

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