Infinity Energy now accredited suppliers of the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund

Green Business Fund - Carbon Trust
Daniel Hanslip

Are you a small to medium sized enterprise?

Is your business based in England, Scotland or Wales?

Are you considering LED lighting or Solar PV to help improve energy savings and cut overheads?

Get a 15% contribution to your energy saving project

If you answered yes to the 3 above questions, we could help you to access a 15% capital grant (up to a limit of £5k) towards your LED lighting or Solar PV energy-saving project, including equipment and installation through the Green Business Fund.

The Carbon Trust are providing this incredible support package to help SMEs install energy efficient equipment, but hurry – it’s on a first come, first served basis.

So how do you qualify for the Green Business Fund?

First, you need to meet the following definition of an SME:

  1. Have no more than 250 employees;
  2. Have turnover less than £25.9 million; or
  3. Have a balance sheet with total assets less than £12.9 million.

In addition to this, no more than 25% of your shares or voting rights can be owned by another entity and a Capital Contribution is not available to those in the public sector.

Second, the project itself must be delivered by an Accredited Supplier, such as Infinity Energy.

Why are Infinity Energy accredited suppliers to the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund?

Infinity Energy have been independently assessed by the Carbon Trust and chosen as an accredited supplier, based on meeting their criteria and having a proven track record for delivering thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient renewable energy systems.

Once you have identified your energy saving opportunities, please contact us to obtain a quote. Only companies that are a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier can provide estimates that will enable you to apply for your funding and Infinity Energy are proud to be one. With your project estimate and energy saving details in hand, you can then apply online for your capital contribution towards the cost of the project.

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Why should you consider an energy-saving project?

Energy-saving projects can give a massive boost to your company profits, as well as contributing to much needed savings in carbon emissions. By installing eligible energy-saving technology you can meet the challenge of becoming a more sustainable business and adhere to your Corporate Social Responsibility – as well as reducing electricity bills and improving the bottom line.

What energy-saving opportunities can receive funding through the Green Business Fund?

Infinity Energy helps businesses to reduce their overall energy overheads through more efficient technologies and specifically for this funding with LED Lighting and Commercial Solar energy.

With a smarter approach to your energy and lighting systems, we can help your business contribute towards a greener future.

The benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting can offer your business many benefits, here are a few of the reasons you should consider them:

  • Up to 90% reduction in utility bills
  • Long lifespan
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Offset costs with tax breaks from the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme
  • Emit lower temperatures reducing fire hazard risk and need for cooling systems
  • Retrofitting is easy
  • Bulbs are small and have efficient optical distribution
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Employee health, morale and mood benefits

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The benefits of Commercial Solar Power

Commercial solar PV systems are still in the early stages of adoption, but there are significant benefits to be realised from installation:

  • Renewable energy source
  • Substantial financial savings – up to 60% reduction in energy bills
  • Become self-sufficient – creating your own energy
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Can sell energy back to the grid
  • Can be combined with batteries for even greater energy independence

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If you would like to receive an on-site assessment and quote, please contact Infinity Energy now and we will provide further information or a no-obligation survey and quotation.