Residential Solar Panels for homes perfectly located in the South

Residential Solar Panels Hampshire
David Lewis

If you live in the South of England, then you are ideally located to benefit further from the investment and substantial return you will gain by installing Solar PV Panels for your home. Whilst Solar PV Panels don’t actually rely solely on continuous sunshine, they are perfect for those living in South Coastal areas such as Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, where daylight is more abundant. Having a roof that is located in an area of the country that generates more daylight will increase the amount of electricity you are able to produce.

Many people believe that a hot sunny day will produce more solar electricity than a colder sunny day, but this isn’t the case. Solar panels don’t need the heat from the sun, they need the light from the sun. As one of the UK’s regions that receives the most daylight, the South Coast is an ideal location to receive the greatest energy production.

Whilst you may end up producing more electricity than you need to power your home for the day, you can easily sell back unused electricity to the South’s National Grid and end up profiting from your investment in Solar PV.

By generating your own supply of free electricity, you will already make significant savings on energy bills, but with the Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme you can also receive tax-free income at a rate of 4.14p for every kWh of energy you generate. Plus any surplus energy you don’t use can be sold back to the grid at a rate of 5.03p/kWh.

Your earning potential from solar PV will largely be dependent on the number of panels you install as well as your location, with the South Coast being able to generate more energy than other locations across the UK.

As energy prices continue to rise a solar panel system provides a risk-free way of reducing the amount of electricity that you need to buy over the next 20-30 years. Under the Government’s Feed in Tariff you will also be paid for the unused electricity that you generate which goes back to the South Coast electricity grid.

By investing in a solar PV system, you can benefit from saving on electricity bills, being safe in the knowledge that you are helping the environment, saving money, and receiving free electricity whilst moving towards being self-sustaining. With a solar panel system installed on your South Coast located property you can expect energy savings of up to 50% or more.

Is my house in the right location for Solar PV?

Ideally PV arrays should be placed free from shade, face within 45 degrees of South, and inclined at an angle of 25-45 degrees of the horizontal pane. According to the Carbon Trust, in order to be profitable, Solar PV systems need to allow space for installation, have access to regular sunlight and have little risk of over-shadowing from nearby buildings or trees.

The positioning and angle of your roof is crucial for successful solar panel installations. Those that are on the South Coast are considered the most effective In the UK.

How well is Solar PV performing?

Currently over 9.2GW of solar capacity has been installed in the UK, which is enough to power 2.2 million British homes. The rate of Solar installations is increasing and reliance on alternatives within the renewables industry is becoming more and more prevalent.

In fact, a new milestone was reached in the UK in May last year when solar panels generated 50% more energy over the whole month than their arch-rival alternative of fossil fuels.

To get even greater efficiencies and to become even more energy independent you can also consider solar battery storage options, whereby you can store excess energy that you produce for future usage or those times when less energy is created. To book a free no-obligation solar survey call 0800 909 8882 or request a survey online.