See how Contender UK saved over £14,000 in 5 years

Contender UK’s objective:
As well as benefiting from the major cost savings that LED lighting offered through reduced energy consumption, Contender UK wanted to greatly improve lighting conditions in key areas where skilled work relied on excellent visibility.

Specialist tool and inspection areas, as well as storage and general work spaces, needed to be transformed into a brighter and safer environment in which to work.

The solution…

Highly efficient Galileo UFO High Bay lighting provided accurate beam angle and exceptional illumination in localised work spaces. Einstein LED Panels for ceiling grids, together with Newton and Faraday series lighting completed a system that delivered exceptional performance and cost saving benefits for Contender UK, across a range of environments.

Plus, Contender UK received a £1,526 financial contribution from the Green Business Fund towards the project, allowing them to recover their investment in just over 3 years.

icon down - CS Contender-uk £2,342
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Project payback 3 years, 3 months*
* Accounts for savings on annual maintenance and climate change levy.

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“An LED design solution for Contender UK delivered a near three fold increase in light levels, taken from average figures pre and post installation. Add the financial and environmental rewards, and you can’t ignore the tremendous opportunities LED offers, across a whole range of applications and business environments.”

David Lewis, Infinity Energy

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