inMusic achieved a projected saving over 5 years of £32,195

Customer’s objective:

inMusic’s objective was to replace an old, expensive lighting system consisting of 400W Metal halide high bays with an efficient LED solution. With major benefits of reduced energy consumption and low maintenance, annual running costs could be lowered.

Improved light levels were also needed, particularly in the warehouse area, and an adjustment in hanging height to allow forklifts to access higher storage levels more easily, a switch over to LED made good business sense on every level.

The solution…

Galileo 100W UFO high bay lighting and Kepler 100W Linear high bay with Hytronik Microwave sensor provided energy efficient lighting, with automatic dimming in unoccupied areas.

Savings on running costs amounted to £32,195 over 5 years.

icon down - CS inMusic Europe £6,378
icon down - CS inMusic Europe 22.3 Tons

Project payback 2 years, 3 months*
* Figure also accounts for savings on annual maintenance and climate change levy.

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“We selected Infinity Energy Services to carry out an energy audit on our lighting. We were very impressed with the approach and positive attitude of their MD, Daniel Hanslip. Their proposal was competitive and the installation itself went ahead very smoothly. Our savings have been even greater than predicted. We highly recommend Infinity Energy Services and would use them again without hesitation.”

Neil Chaloner, UK Operations & European Facilities Manager

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