Link Microtek cut running costs from £7,134 to less than £1,000 a year

Customer’s objective:
Link Microtek was looking to reduce lighting energy costs and maintenance costs within it’s Basingstoke based operation, benefiting from annual savings of thousands of pounds. The LED solution needed to be flexible enough to deliver improved performance and cost savings across all areas of operation, with lighting quality sympathetic to the needs of the business and its people.     

The solution…

Using highly efficient Tri-proof lumens, LED panels and surface mounted Bulkheads, Link Microtek reduced electricity consumption and considerably improved lighting quality, achieving substantial monthly energy savings as well as an 85% reduction in their Carbon Footprint.

Plus, they received a £2,903 financial contribution from the Green Business Fund towards the project.

icon down - CS Link Microtek £6,156
icon down - CS Link Microtek 23.6 Tons

Project payback 2 years, 5 months*
* Figure also accounts for savings on annual maintenance and climate change levy.

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“Infinity Energy delivered a solution for Link Microtek, that cut monthly running costs by 86%, reduced its Carbon Footprint by 85%, and substantially increased lighting quality”

David Lewis, Infinity Energy

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