We service, diagnose and repair all renewable energy systems, including solar thermal, solar PV, battery storage and heat pumps.

We also advise on upgrades and complementary products to help you get the most out of your existing installation.

Examples of what we can do for you

  • Carry out your annual ground source or air source heat pump service
  • Maintain or repair your solar thermal hot water system
  • Audit your solar PV electricity system to ensure it’s working efficiently
  • Diagnose faulty battery storage systems
  • Service your air conditioning units
  • Install immersion controllers to provide free hot water from your solar PV
  • Put in bird protection around your solar panels

renewable energy health checks - Maintenance, Health Checks, Upgrades & Repairs

Heat Pump Servicing and Repair

Whether you have an air source or ground source heat pump, it’s best practice to have a check-up and service once a year.

An annual service is needed to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty and we can carry out an official service to keep you compliant.

If you receive the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), it’s also a requirement to guarantee your system is functioning effectively – a service will give you peace of mind.

Is there something wrong with your heat pump? Our fully trained technicians will diagnose the problem and repair it with manufacturer-approved parts.

heat pump service and repair - Maintenance, Health Checks, Upgrades & Repairs

Solar Thermal Service and Maintenance

Solar thermal hot water systems can, over time, develop problems with the pump, valves or pipework.

Gradually the system will become less efficient and may eventually fail.

Our engineers can carry out a full system audit, checking hydraulic pressure, the antifreeze, pressure relief valve, flow rate, and pipework integrity.

If any faults are identified, we can complete the repair work quickly using, approved components.

solar thermal maintenance 1 - Maintenance, Health Checks, Upgrades & Repairs

Solar PV Audits, Upgrades and Repair

Solar PV panels themselves are very robust and rarely develop faults.

If your monthly generation drops suddenly, you may have lost a ‘string’ of panels often due to a faulty MC4 connector. If your solar output reduces to zero, your inverter may well have failed.

Our solar PV audits – either carried out once a year or on demand – include a thorough diagnostic of all the key elements of your PV system. We check your DC and AC isolators, all string currents and voltages, inverter error logs, cable resistance, etc.

Are birds nesting underneath your panels? We can install the latest bird protection system around the edges of your array to keep you ‘bird safe’.

If you don’t have it already, we can also recommend a battery storage solution to capture surplus solar electricity that would otherwise be lost to the grid. You can then use the stored electricity in the evenings and at night when the sun isn’t shining.

Alternatively, we can install a Solar iBoost, or equivalent immersion controller, that diverts excess solar electricity to heat your water.

solar pv audits upgrades repair 1 - Maintenance, Health Checks, Upgrades & Repairs

Battery Storage Diagnostics

You may already have a battery storage solution in your home. Do you know if it’s working properly?

Some manufacturers provide excellent visibility of system performance via apps. Others leave you somewhat in the dark.

If you are wondering whether your battery storage is working as it should, we can audit both your battery and solar PV systems, to ensure electricity is flowing logically between all the various devices.

battery storage diagnostics - Maintenance, Health Checks, Upgrades & Repairs

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Why Infinity Energy Services?

We provide a first-class level of workmanship, and only use top quality and approved products when servicing or repairing your home renewable energy system.

  • Members of the RECC Assurance Scheme
  • We provide clear information on systems and their performance, as well as a comprehensive after-sales service
  • MCS-approved for solar PV panels and heat pumps
  • Tesla Powerwall approved installer
  • Over 10 years designing and installing renewable energy systems