Tesla Powerwall 3

Tesla Powerwall 3 is the latest version of the UK’s most popular battery storage

The Tesla Powerwall 3 – an upgraded version of the Powerwall 2 – is now more powerful and flexible than ever before. It’s the go-to premium battery storage for 2024 if you want the best all-round product available.

What are the benefits of the Tesla Powerwall 3?

This third iteration of the Powerwall is packed full of features, making it ideal for home or business installations. Here are the highlights:
  • Capture surplus solar electricity – if you have solar panels, Powerwall 3 will automatically store excess solar for later use
  • A massive 13.5 kWh of storage capacity – the average house needs just 10 kWh of electricity per day
  • Power output rating of 11.04 kW – enough to power multiple electrical devices simultaneously
  • Emergency power in a power-cut – if the national grid goes down, you can still power your property via the Powerwall
  • Tesla Powerwall 3 now comes with an integrated solar inverter – save £100s if you are getting solar panels installed as well
  • Store cheap, off-peak electricity – top up your battery storage with low-cost electricity and discharge when grid rates are high
Tesla Powerwall 3

How does Tesla Powerwall 3 work?

Tesla has been perfecting the Powerwall since it first came out in 2015. This third version – Powerwall 3 – is incredibly versatile and can be installed in different ways, depending on your exact needs.

With solar panels

If you are getting solar panels and battery storage installed at the same time, the best way to connect the Powerwall is ‘DC-coupled’. This is how it works:

  1. Your solar panels are connected to the inverter inside the Powerwall, meaning you don’t have to purchase a separate solar inverter.
  2. When the sun shines on your solar panels – producing Direct Current (DC) electricity – the DC electricity either flows directly into your Powerwall battery and is stored for later use, or the DC electricity is converted by the Powerwall inverter into Alternating Current (AC) electricity for you to use at that moment.
  3. Stored DC electricity inside the Powerwall 3 is converted into AC electricity, as and when it is needed by the property or business.
  4. All the electrical flows and conversions are coordinated automatically by a separate box called the Tesla Gateway. The Gateway monitors electricity flowing into and out of the building, as well as which devices need power, and regulates Powerwall charging and discharging accordingly.
How does Tesla Powerwall 3 Work?
Powerwall 3 without solar panels

Without solar panels

Tesla Powerwall 3 can also be installed without solar panels via an ‘AC-coupled’ installation which allows you to:

  1. Charge your Powerwall with cheap off-peak electricity. You need to sign up to a tariff with your energy supplier that has both a cheap rate (usually at night) and a normal day rate. For example, you could charge up at say 7.5p per kWh overnight and then discharge that cheap electricity into your property during the day when you would normally be paying around 28p per kWh.
  2. A Powerwall 3 without solar panels still means you can benefit from whole-home emergency power in a power-cut. So if you live in an area of the UK where power-cuts are more frequent, a Powerwall can help you keep the lights on when your neighbours are in the dark.
  3. Without solar panels, the Powerwall is only charged with AC electricity from the grid. That grid AC electricity is converted into DC electricity by the Powerwall’s built-in inverter and stored, and then converted back into AC electricity when needed by the property.

Why choose Infinity Energy Services to install your Powerwall 3?

Infinity Energy Services is a certified Tesla Powerwall 3 Premium Installer. What does that mean in practice?

It means Tesla trusts us to install your Powerwall perfectly. We have installed 100s of Powerwalls since they first came to the UK, and – after a rigorous vetting process by Tesla – we have now achieved the rare Premium Installer status for 2024.

  • We are a Tesla-certified Premium Installer – a safe pair of hands for your energy project
  • Multi-award-winning company – voted Best Regional Installer 2023 and 2024 at the National Efficiency Awards
  • Plenty of experience and expertise – installing renewable energy systems since 2011
  • Excellent feedback – look at our ratings on Trustpilot, Google Reviews and Checkatrade and ask to speak to previous customers
  • Fully qualified, in-house engineers – we never sub-contract Powerwall installations, ensuring the highest installation standards
  • Benefit from our 2-Year Free Call-Out Guarantee – we will trouble-shoot any issues with your Powerwall free of charge for two years after installation; this is in addition to the standard 10-year warranty from Tesla
Infinity Energy Services Tesla Premium Installer


How does the Powerwall 3 compare to the previous model?

Tesla Powerwall 3 Availability

Powerwall 3 vs Powerwall 2

Tesla has two versions of the Powerwall on sale in the UK at the moment: the new Powerwall 3 and the existing Powerwall 2.

Wondering what the difference between them is? Read our head-to-head Powerwall comparison guide, including ordering availability and likely installation dates.

How much is a Tesla Powerwall 3?

Cost per unit of storage is low

The Tesla Powerwall 3 UK price will vary considerably from installer to installer. The cost of the Powerwall 3 will also often depend on whether you are having it retrofitted to an existing solar panel system or installed alongside a new set of solar panels.

As it’s a brand new product, real-world pricing is not yet clear. The likely market price range for a Powerwall 3 is probably between £8,000 and £11,000, fully installed and commissioned. There is no VAT to pay, as battery storage is exempt.

At Infinity, we offer the Powerwall for less than £8,000 – we go even lower if you have solar panels installed by us as well. Get in touch for an accurate price.

The Tesla Powerwall 3 cost may seem quite high, but actually it’s one of the cheapest storage units available when you consider the cost per kWh of storage. Tesla have managed to create the best battery product in the UK, at a very aggressive price per unit of storage.

How much is a Tesla Powerwall 3?

What is the Tesla Powerwall 3 UK release date?

What is the Tesla Powerwall 3 release date?

October 2024

The Tesla Powerwall 3 release date in the UK is October 2024. That’s the date when Powerwalls will be shipped to installation companies like Infinity Energy Services and we can then install them at customers’ premises.

However, you can start ordering them from us already. As a Powerwall Premium Installer, we will have the very best access to Powerwall stock and you can be among the first to have a Powerwall 3 installed.


If you need further details about the Powerwall 3, please get in touch with us on 0800 909 8882. Alternatively, you can download further information here:

We install Tesla Powerwall 3 battery storage in homes and businesses across the south from our Bath and Southampton offices and cover Wiltshire, Hampshire and surrounding counties including towns and cities like Bristol, Warminster, Winchester, Chippenham, Trowbridge, Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Andover, Aldershot, Salisbury, Fareham, Eastleigh, Westbury, Melksham, Gosport, Calne, Farnborough, Swindon, Devizes, Marlborough and Alton.

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Tesla Powerwall 3 Specifications

The following table illustrates the key characteristics of the new Powerwall:

Powerwall 3
Storage capacity (usable)
13.5 kWh
Maximum power output
11.04 kW (AC)
Maximum charging rating
5 kW (DC)
Maximum solar input rating
20 kW (DC)
Available solar inverter ratings
3.68, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.04 kW
Number of solar MPPTs
DC- or AC-coupled
Solar to home/grid efficiency 
Solar to battery to home/grid efficiency 
Power scalability
Up to 4 x Powerwall 3 units supported 
Operating temperature 
–20°C to +50°C 
Indoor and outdoor rated
Ingress ratings
IP67 (battery and power electronics); IP55 (wiring compartment)
Operating noise @ 1 metre
< 50 db(A) typical; < 62 db(A) maximum
Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz), Ethernet, Cellular (LTE/4G)
1,099 x 609 x 193 mm 
130 kg
Mounting options
Floor or wall mount 
Customer interface 
Tesla mobile app
10 years


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