Electric Vehicle Charger Installation for the Home

Having an EV charger installed at home is the most convenient and cheapest way to top up your car’s battery if you have off-street parking

  • Save money – it’s up to 10 times cheaper to charge at home than in public *
  • Convenience – wake up every morning to a fully charged battery for maximum range
  • Control – choose when to charge, e.g. with off-peak electricity
  • Safety – a dedicated EV charger is safer than charging on a 3-pin plug
  • Solar integration – if you have solar panels, you can drive on sunshine!
EV Chargers

Which EV chargers do we install?

We can install any of the electric vehicle chargers available in the UK. Chargers are either tethered (they have a charging cable permanently attached) or untethered (the cable can be removed).

Here is a table showing popular EV chargers:

Myenergi Zappi
A top of the range charger, either tethered or untethered – ideal if you have solar panels and forms part of a wider home energy eco-system.
Intelligent Octopus
Ohme Home Pro
An advanced, compact, tethered charger with a handy screen on the front – compatible with all of the top EV tariffs.
Intelligent Octopus OVO Charge Anytime
Ohme ePod
Similar to the Home Pro, but even smaller – available as untethered only and without a screen (controlled by the app).
Intelligent Octopus OVO Charge Anytime
Easee One
Stylish Scandinavian design, untethered, and smaller than it looks – available in a variety of colours.
EO Mini Pro 3
Compact, minimalist design, comes as either tethered or untethered – a tried and tested charger, perfect for solar panels.
Indra Smart Pro
A larger unit, tethered or untethered, containing advanced electronics, making this a future-proof charger, ideal for solar panels.
OVO Charge Anytime
Indra Smart Lux
A stylish, tethered model with plenty of features, offering solar functionality and advanced app-based control.
Wallbox Pulsar Max
A compact, tethered EV charger with advanced capabilities including voice control via Alexa or Google Assistance.
Intelligent Octopus
Tesla Wall Connector
Tesla-designed tethered unit that works with any Tesla car, as well as non-Tesla cars with a Type 2 socket.
GivEnergy EV Charger
Integrates with the GivEnergy range of products, offering connectivity with your solar panels and battery storage.
SolarEdge EV Charger
Works seamlessly with the SolarEdge eco-system and provides programming and monitoring via the SolarEdge app.
EO EV Charger

How do you choose a home EV charger

Before choosing an electric vehicle charger for your home there are a few questions that will help in your decision:

  • Would you prefer a tethered or untethered charger? Tethered chargers have the cable attached, and untethered chargers allow you to attach your own cable, giving you more flexibility.
  • Do you need to integrate with certain tariffs? i.e. Octopus or OVO?
  • Do you have solar panels?
  • Do you have a good Wi-Fi connection.
  • What’s your budget?
  • Check out our EV Charger FAQ section for answers to common questions.

Why choose Infinity Energy Services?

We’ve been in business since 2011 and have designed and installed 1,000s of energy systems for our customers.

EV Chargers
  • All our electrical engineers are fully employed (no sub-contractors)
  • Excellent ratings on Trustpilot, Google Reviews & Checkatrade
  • 1,000s of satisfied customers – please ask us for references
  • Members of the independent RECC Assurance Scheme
  • One-stop-shop for all your energy needs – EV chargers, solar panels, heat pumps, and more



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