Achieving a more self-sufficient energy solution through Solar PV

Customer’s objective: Switch to a long term renewable energy solution.
A homeowner in Hedge End, Hampshire, wanted to update their family home and become more self-sufficient. Following discussions with Infinity Energy Services, that included a free and detailed assessment of the options available, a recommendation supported by calculations on costs and savings were provided. The solution was to switch to a renewable energy source through the installation of Solar PV and Solar Battery Storage.

A solution for all-round self-sufficiency…

Following our site visit and detailed survey and recommendation, we installed a grid-connected LG  Solar PV System and Tesla Powerwall solar battery storage. This will help the owners achieve their aim of being more self-sufficient plus the solar energy stored by their Tesla Powerwall will distribute the energy when they need it, powering their home and also their electric car, reducing their energy bills, whilst also adding value to their property.



gullycroft save roundel 150x150 - Solar PV case study - Hedge End
hanslip left solar - Solar PV case study - Hedge End
hanslip right solar - Solar PV case study - Hedge End

“With their Tesla Powerwall, they are able to save any excess solar energy that is being generated during the day and utilise it when they need it, helping achieve their sustainability goal.”

David Lewis, Infinity Energy

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