See how The Maritime and Coastguard Agency Dover saved over £4,500 a year through Solar PV

Customer’s objective: Meet green energy commitments and reduce electricity costs.
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency in Dover, Kent, was keen to explore how it could reduce future electricity bills through Solar PV. Following consultation with Infinity Energy Services the right system was agreed, and the company’s full design and installation service met their requirements precisely. The solution also answered a key early design consideration, which was to decide whether to site the array on the ground or on one or more of the Agency’s roof spaces.

The system’s objectives were not only to provide excellent cost-saving benefits, but also to help them meet their Greening Government Commitments by using greener products or services to reduce the organisation’s impact on the environment.

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The solution was easy to install and minimises maintenance…

A roof-mounted PV array was chosen for the site, and for a number of reasons. Importantly, it would reduce the overall cost of the system, minimise risk of downtime and disruption (unexpected underground obstructions) and remove the need for ground reconstruction work, for example re-tarmacking. Longer term, it reduces the need for extra maintenance, and because a roof mounted system uses shorter cable runs this would also improve array efficiency.

Infinity installed a Solar Panel system using 320W poly-crystalline panels and a 50 kW inverter. The system will provide excellent savings on annual electricity costs, and a project payback period of only 8.5 years.




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“Through Solar PV, we were able to achieve the customer’s objectives, giving them an annual saving of over £4,500 on their previous electricity bill and a profit after 20 years of more than £182,000.”

David Lewis, Infinity Energy

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