Taking advantage of garden space for a high-output Solar PV system

Customer’s objective: A ground system which maximises energy production.
A homeowner in Hampshire wanted to make use of some land by installing a ground-mounted Solar PV system combined with a Solar Battery Storage solution. Without being restricted by the shape or angle of a roof, a ground-mounted Solar PV system can be installed at the perfect angle and in the right direction to optimise energy production.

By comparison with most roof-mounted Solar PV systems, a system on the ground that is an equivalent size will generate more electricity, and is highly cost-effective to install.

A state-of-the-art solution…

Infinity Energy Services installed a state-of-the-art 9.92 kWp ground-mounted Solar PV system. We incorporated 32 ‘all black’ 310W solar panels made by JA Solar, and the panels were fitted with P370 Power Optimisers making each panel independent from each other, thereby maximising overall power output. This mitigated against the effects of shading and also provided highly detailed performance data for each panel.


lampitt save roundel 150x150 - Solar Case Study for a ground-mounted system
lampitt left solar - Solar Case Study for a ground-mounted system
lampitt right solar - Solar Case Study for a ground-mounted system

“Thanks to the unique ground mounted design, they are able to adjust the panels easily during the year, to maximise the tracking of the sun.”

David Lewis, Infinity Energy

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