Reduce electricity costs by up to 60% with solar panels for business

Plus, with energy efficient financing, you could install commercial solar panels for your business now and the energy savings from the new equipment could cover the finance repayments in full – so no increased overhead. In fact, you could be cash positive.

With energy savings so significant, the benefits of solar panels for business are being recognised by more and more company owners.

The payback period of commercial solar can be as little as 6 years and with energy efficient financing, you could install a commercial solar PV system now at no additional overhead to your business.

Commercial solar provides both financial and environmental benefits and could reduce your energy bills by up to 60%. For businesses whose electricity bills are in the £1,000s every month, solar panel systems represent a sound investment.

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If your business’s electricity bills are over £1,000 each month, then commercial solar panels could be a great option for your business

  • Generate FREE electricity all year round to significantly reduce your energy bills overhead
  • High performance solar panels deliver an impressive return on investment
  • Options for smaller office roofs and sheltered properties affected by shade
  • Monitor your system from anywhere in the world via a smart phone
  • Solar battery storage options available to store energy for when you need it

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Energy efficient financing available to all types of businesses

The process of energy efficient financing is available to all types of business and provides a way to install and benefit from commercial solar without the need for additional budgets or increased overheads in many instances.

The financing simply funds the upfront costs and installation of the solar PV system, then, the monthly finance repayments are repaid from the money you save in reduced energy bills.

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