Store unused power generated by your PV system with solar battery storage for even more energy independence

With solar energy battery storage, you can store the unused PV power your system produces, so it’s there when you need it. This means you’re more energy independent than ever, which of course could also means even lower electric bills.

Free hot water available 24 hours a day

Plus, if you have a solar immersion controller, the stored energy could be used to power your hot water – cutting your gas bills.

Solar battery storage for all types of PV systems

We provide solar batteries from a range of manufacturers including Solax, SMA, LG Chem and are an authorised reseller and certified installer of Tesla solar batteries.

We have options for all types of solar PV systems, so, if you’re unsure which is suitable for your system or immersion controller – we can advise on the right solution for you.

Solar battery manufacturers

We supply and install leading brands in solar battery storage

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Benefits of solar battery storage

  • More free energy – when you need it
  • Cut energy bills by using more of your own power
  • PV power is stored directly in the battery
  • No additional conversions from AC to DC and back to AC

Simple installation

  • A single inverter for both PV and on-grid storage
  • Outdoor installation allows for flexibility of battery location
  • No special wires required, use your existing PV system cables

Simply to operate and maintain

  • Monitor battery status, PV production, and your energy usage amounts
  • Easy maintenance with remote access to inverter/battery software
  • Inverter installed outdoors for ease of access if required

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Home solar battery storage

With the reduction in the government feed-in tariff, now is a great time to start storing and using your own free energy

Order your solar battery now from your local Tesla certified installer

Call 0800 909 8882 for a no-obligation quotation. Infinity Energy are a Tesla authorised reseller and certified installer and can advise on what solar battery storage solution fits your homes usage requirements.

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