Achieving a more self-sufficient home through Solar PV

Customer’s objective:
Mr & Mrs Arthur, who live on the South Coast close to The Solent in Hampshire, were looking for a suitable Solar PV and Solar Battery Storage system to help them reduce their electricity bills and become more self-sufficient. A home survey was arranged with Infinity Energy Services, who promptly carried out the survey and presented calculations on savings, together with costs and expected payback period.

The solution was Solar PV and battery storage…

Following a site visit, detailed survey and recommendations, Infinity installed 15 ‘all black’ solar panels on a south-facing stable roof. Made by JA Solar, the panels are 305W and embedded with P370 SolarEdge Power Optimisers. This makes each panel independent of the full array and helps to maximise power output for each panel. It also mitigates against the effects of shade and provides very detailed performance data for each panel. The panels were connected to a 3.68 kW inverter made by SolarEdge and the package included a Tesla Powerwall home battery (back-up version) with 13.5 kWh of storage for excess electricity generated.



arthur roundel 150x150 - Solar PV case study - Solent area
arthur left solar - Solar PV case study - Solent area
arthur right solar - Solar PV case study - Solent area

“With their Tesla Powerwall, they are able to save any excess solar energy that is being generated during the day and utilise it when they need it, helping achieve their sustainability goal.”

David Lewis, Infinity Energy

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