Solar Panel Maintenance, Repairs & Servicing

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We carry out solar panel maintenance or repair on any make or age of system

With over a decade of experience in solar panel design, installation and maintenance of many different types of solar PV systems, our expert solar engineers are efficient fault finders and highly experienced in repairing all types of system issues – no matter what age or size of your system.

We can also advise on cleaning if your solar panels are getting dirty. It’s good practice to check your panels once a year to ensure there is no build-up of grime, bird droppings, etc. Regular solar panel cleaning means your panels will continue to generate electricity at as close to their peak output as possible.

Solar PV Cleaning
Solar PV maintenance

Fault assessment and no-obligation quote

If your system stops working, or has a fault, contact us today and one of our experienced solar engineers will visit to assess and diagnose the problem and provide a no-obligation quotation.

We repair and service residential solar PV systems across the South – get in touch today.

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Am I covered by a solar insurance policy or home insurance?

If your solar panel installation needs repairing you may wish to claim against an insurance policy. Solar installers often provide warranties which are backed by insurance policies, and these can be claimed against if the installer is no longer in business.

In certain situations (fire/lightening/theft/storm) damage to your solar and batteries can be covered under your homeowner policy. We can provide you with all the necessary documents and estimates to allow you to submit your claim. If your Insurance company is happy to cover the cost we can carry out the work and either receive payment direct or provide you with a fully paid invoice so you can receive reimbursement.

Solar PV maintenance

Signs solar panel maintenance or repair may be necessary

There are some obvious warning signs that you may be experiencing and should look out for that may show that your solar panel system could have a fault.

A common fault we regularly see are problems with solar inverters. We can assess and replace a wide range of inverters from brands such as ABB, Solis, SolaX, Fronius, SolarEdge, Growatt, among others.

Solar system faults to look out for

  • Generation meter not working
  • FiT payments have reduced dramatically
  • Inverter display shows an error message
  • The circuit breaker for your solar panels has tripped

Keep an eye on your solar generation

Normally solar panel systems perform perfectly. The panels sit on your roof or ground, convert sunlight into DC electricity, and then your solar inverter turns the DC electricity into AC electricity to power your home, electric car, and whatever else you have plugged in. Ideally, solar panel maintenance, or overall system repair, should be unnecessary.

Usually the first clue that something has gone wrong is that the reading on your solar meter, known as a generation meter, stops going up. It often means something has happened to the inverter. It could be the trip switch – just flick it up again. Or the inverter has failed in which case you will need an electrician to come and look at it. Inverters do all the electrical heavy-lifting and unfortunately they do have a tendency to fail after a few years.

You can also take a look at the surface of your panels now and again (don’t fall off the ladder!). If they are getting dirty, solar panel cleaning might be in order. Dirty panels won’t stop your system from working, but will reduce panel output.

Solar PV Maintenance
Solar PV Maintenance

Is servicing really necessary?

Solar PV systems typically fall under the ‘fit and forget’ category. You have them installed and then they just work, year after year. However, like all electrical systems, there is no harm in having them checked by a professional every so often to ensure:

  • Water hasn’t crept into any of the panel connectors
  • None of the cables have come loose or frayed
  • The whole system is properly earthed
  • Each string of panels has the correct voltage
  • Solar generation matches the figure your installer predicted when you bought the system

Battery storage

Do you have battery storage linked up to your solar panel system? You may, for example, have a Tesla Powerwall or storage manufactured by LG Chem, Sonnen, Alpha Smile, SolaX, BYD, Enphase, etc.

Battery storage allows you to store surplus solar electricity and then use it later in the day. You can also charge batteries with cheap, off-peak electricity at night and use it during the day when electricity rates are higher.

If you are having any problems with your battery storage, or want us to check it’s working correctly, we can run diagnostics while we are fixing your solar panel system. It’s important to ensure the battery charges and discharges when it should and at the right rate.

Solar Battery Storage

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