A carefully designed air conditioning installation will bring you years of trouble-free home cooling and heating

How does air conditioning work?

A home air conditioning installation works by:

  1. Moving the heat and moisture from the air inside your home to the outside, and then
  2. Returning cooled air back inside your home.

So an air conditioning unit will keep you nice and cool when the warm weather outside is making your room too hot.

But did you know it can also heat a room? You can set the unit to work in reverse, providing heat if your existing heating system isn’t quite up to the job in winter. It functions in a similar way to an air source heat pump.

In some situations – like a garden office – an air con unit can provide both cooling and heating, instead of more expensive central heating or electric radiators.

Air conditioning units comprise various technologies including an ozone-friendly refrigerant, an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and a dehumidifier. These components all work together to either cool or heat a room, while simultaneously filtering and dehumidifying the air for various health benefits (see below).

Installing air conditioning is fairly straightforward and you can then cool your home for less than 5p an hour on average.

air conditioning installation infographic - Air Conditioning

Benefit from 0%VAT on Air Conditioning systems and installation

As part of the Government’s Energy Security Plan, now introduced across the UK, zero-rated VAT has been applied to air conditioning units due to their use of energy saving heat pump technology to control both indoor cooling and heating. This makes air conditioning systems a highly efficient and more affordable way to keep your home at an optimum temperature all year round.

Talk to us today and benefit from energy efficient cooling in summer and heating in winter

Why choose Infinity Energy for your air conditioning installation?

We have a great track record in installing renewable energy, heating and cooling systems:

  • Over 10 years of satisfied customers – contact us for references
  • 100s of installations across Hampshire and the south-east
  • Excellent independent Checkatrade rating of over 9.7 out of 10
  • Fully qualified in-house team of engineers
  • Unrivalled customer care – before, during and after installation
  • Very competitive prices and friendly service

Where do we install?

We install principally in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

Towns and cities we typically cover include Southampton, Portsmouth, Eastleigh, Gosport, Farnborough, Andover, Aldershot, Horndean, Winchester, Havant, Locks Heath, Fareham, Fleet, Totton, Hedge End, Stubbington, Hythe, New Milton, Emsworth, Alton, Petersfield and Romsey.

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During an air conditioning installation, what do we actually install in your home?

Our expert Hampshire based team installs the following equipment:

wall mounted air conditioner - Air Conditioning

A wall mounted air conditioner unit is installed inside each room you wish to cool.

An air conditioning unit is about 1m wide, 30cm high and 40cm deep, and sits high up on the wall, close to the ceiling. It supplies the cool air to the room.

outside ground mounted unit - Air Conditioning

Outside our engineers install a ground mounted unit.

This is roughly 1m wide, 50cm high and 40cm deep. It draws the warm air out of your house and sends cooled air back in.

This is the normal home set-up, though in certain circumstances different equipment may be suitable such as:

air conditioning installation portable unit - Air Conditioning

Portable units

can move location as required

air conditioning installation cassette system - Air Conditioning

Cassette systems

ideal for larger spaces (require a ceiling void)

floor mounted aircon system - Air Conditioning

Floor mounted systems

similar appearance to radiators

ducted system - Air Conditioning

Ducted systems

very unobtrusive, but more complex to install and loft or ceiling space is needed

How does our aircon installation service work?

We’ve developed a simple but effective process, starting from our initial conversation all the way to having a fully functioning air conditioner system installed in your home. Here are the steps:

  1. Initial phone call: We discuss exactly what you are looking for on the phone and go through some basic questions about your air conditioning requirements, including the layout of your home, number of rooms, energy bills, etc.
  2. Survey: Next we send round one of our fully trained engineers who carries out a comprehensive on-site survey. The survey typically takes about an hour. Rest assured this is not a sales visit, but rather a technical assessment of your home, how energy efficient it is, what size indoor unit or units / outdoor unit would be suitable, and so on.
  3. Design: Back in the office, we then design an air conditioning system that exactly matches your requirements.
  4. Quotation: We price up the system design and send you a detailed quotation, outlining what we propose to install, the overall price, typical running costs, information about warranties, etc. As we have already surveyed by this point, the quotation is for a fixed price installation – no surprises.
  5. Installation: If you are happy to go ahead, we arrange installation at a time convenient to you. The installation date will normally be 4-8 weeks after you accept the proposal. Our aircon installation service takes about a day to complete. Systems are installed quickly and efficiently – so we don’t interrupt your daily life – but always with great care.
  6. After the air conditioning installation: We are always on hand from our registered office in Swanwick to answer any questions you might have. Perhaps you have a query about the remote control or how to set the perfect temperature with an app. We pride ourselves on high quality service – just let us know what you need.

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The benefits of air conditioning

When you first think of air conditioning you might well imagine hot summers, stuffy rooms and sweaty people! A well-designed air con systems can indeed solve that problem.

However, there are also other health benefits to air con systems including:

air filtration icon 200x150 - Air Conditioning

Air filtration

Air conditioners have an in-built filtration system which filters out unwanted pollutants such as bad odours, dust, pollen, pet hair and any other contaminants that might enter the home such as traffic pollution. In this way, air filtering can improve quality of life for allergy and asthma sufferers.

consistent temperatures icon 200x150 - Air Conditioning

Consistent temperatures

Quality air conditioning can help you achieve a consistent temperature throughout the year. Large temperature swings can make you feel uncomfortable. Remember: air conditioning installations can both cool and heat a room. So if your central heating or electric heater isn’t doing the job in the middle of winter, turn on the air conditioning for a heating boost.

humidity regulation icon 200x150 - Air Conditioning

Humidity regulation

High humidity in the home can cause mould and bacteria to build up. Low humidity can be bad for the skin and breathing. Air conditioning regulates humidity levels to create an ideal, healthy environment.

sleep better icon 200x150 - Air Conditioning

Sleep better

Get too hot at night? If so, you will love how aircon units guarantee a cool, fixed temperature. You don’t need to keep the window open any more and listen to street noises all night long!

Which air conditioner brands do we install?

We can install all the major brands available in the UK. The main manufacturers we work with include:

samsung logo 200x97 - Air Conditioning

A house-hold name with beautiful designs and advanced performance

daikin logo 200x97 - Air Conditioning

A global air-conditioning powerhouse

midea logo 200x97 - Air Conditioning

The world’s largest manufacturer of HVAC products

hitachi logo 200x97 - Air Conditioning

One of the most experienced and innovative manufacturers

Which is the best make and model?

Actually, there is no ‘best’ company, and it’s our job to analyse your individual needs carefully and then recommend a tailored solution. We propose different makes and models for different situations.

Having said that, we only install units that meet these minimum criteria:

  • Product warranty of at least 7 years
  • Manufacturers with a UK office
  • Global manufacturers with a very strong financial position
7 years warranty 300x268 - Air Conditioning
customer review 300x300 - Air Conditioning

What do our customers say?

Our success as a company depends entirely on how happy our customers are. With over 10 years’ experience designing and installing systems in the south of the UK, our Hampshire based engineers put all of that knowledge into every project we are involved in. Here is some feedback from a recent customer:

“Could not fault them. Their staff were all helpful and pleasant and the work was carried out promptly and efficiently”

Our other specialities are Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Heat Pumps and Electric Car Chargers.

How long do air conditioners last?

As a rule of thumb, air conditioner installations will last from 10 to 15 years.

Well-maintained systems may well continue to function even longer.

Do you need to maintain an air conditioning system

It’s best practice to check your system regularly to ensure everything is working as it should. Each manufacturer has its own recommendations as to what to look out for and these can include:

  • Cleaning the filter (typically once every two weeks)
  • Running any auto clean functions (as needed)
  • Cleaning the exterior surfaces of indoor units (as needed)
  • Cleaning the exterior surface of the outdoor unit (as needed)

It’s also a good idea to have your air conditioning installation checked over and serviced once a year by a professional engineer. We can perform this service for you – see next section.

Infinity Energy's air conditioning annual service

To keep your air conditioning installation in tip top condition, we can maintain and service your system once a year.

This annual maintenance service covers:

  • Cleaning inside your indoor units
  • Cleaning inside your outdoor unit
  • Inspecting all electrical connections, refrigerant tubes and any protective elements present
  • Applying corrosion inhibitor to the outdoor unit (only required if near salt water)

We are happy to service your air con units and other ventilation systems whether we have installed them or not. As certified installers, we can take care of any repairs where necessary and order original manufacturer parts.

Just get in touch on 0800 909 8882 for pricing and to arrange an engineer visit.

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Ready to take the next step?

Are you ready to start a conversation about installing air conditioning in your home?

If you would like to begin a no-obligation conversation about air conditioning, phone us now on 0800 909 8882, send an email at [email protected] or use our dedicated online form.

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When is the right time to install air conditioning?

There is usually a rush on installing air conditioner systems in early summer when the ambient temperature increases. This is not always the best time to have a system put in, as prices can be higher and installers are very busy!

Ideally, get in touch with us any time from September to May. We will then have time to discuss your project in detail and can generally install within a shorter time-frame.

If you plan to use your system for heating, too, we recommend contacting us in September or October.

Air Conditioning Installation – Tips & Advice

There is so much to say about air conditioner installing, products and our approach, but here are some quick pointers:

  • Properly specified air conditioning units can provide perfect heating or cooling to a whole room.
  • Installation costs with Infinity Energy are agreed in advance and fixed.
  • A typical single unit installation – perhaps in a bedroom – can be fitted in a day.
  • All our installations are fully certified and we adhere strictly to official guidelines from all major bodies.
  • If installed and maintained by a professional company like Infinity, these units will normally last 10-15 years at least.
  • We offer great value and the best service for all your air conditioning needs.