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Store surplus electricity generated by your PV system with solar battery storage for even more energy independence

Solar battery storage has been around for a few years, and now – with smart tariffs – it enables you to save money in at least three different ways. For example:

1. Capture excess solar electricity

Most solar PV systems generate more electricity than the house can use. This excess electricity will flow out to the national grid and be lost. However, with solar battery storage, this surplus solar electricity is captured by the battery instead of being lost to the grid. You can then draw on this stored electricity at a time of your choosing, perhaps when preparing the dinner in the evening when the sun has gone in.

2. Charge your battery at cheap, off-peak rates

Even if you don’t have solar panels, home battery storage can bring benefits. Modern smart tariffs, and even old Economy 7, charge you at different rates for the electricity you use at different times of the day. For example, you might pay 7p per unit at night and 14p during the day. Home battery storage allows you to fill your battery with cheap electricity at say 7p per unit, and then let it out when you need it during the day when rates are high at 14p. In this way, battery storage lowers your daily electricity bill.

3. Let your battery charge your electric car

If you plan to get an electric car one day, the combination of solar panels and home battery storage is very attractive. You can store excess solar electricity in your battery during the day, and then charge your electric car with this stored solar electricity when you return from work at the end of the day. There’s nothing like filling your car with sunlight!

Which home battery product is right for you?

We provide battery storage from a range of manufacturers including Tesla, LG Chem, SolaX, Powervault, Sonnen, SMA, BYD, and Pylon Tech. We are an authorised reseller and certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall.

Battery storage features can be a bit bewildering. We can advise on the right solution for you.

Solar battery manufacturers

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Benefits of solar battery storage

  • Capture more of your precious solar electricity
  • Cut energy bills by charging at off-peak rates
  • Use solar electricity at night time
  • Charge your electric car with free solar electricity

Straightforward installation

  • Battery storage becomes another circuit on your fuse board
  • No interference with your solar PV system
  • Tesla Powerwall can even be mounted outside
  • Some systems give you electricity in a power-cut

Simple to operate and maintain

  • Monitor battery status, PV production, and your energy usage amounts
  • Easy maintenance with remote access to inverter/battery software
  • No active management required – it all works automatically

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Home solar battery storage

With the government feed-in tariff scheme over, now is a great time to start storing and using your own free energy

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