Switching to LED lighting could cut your organisation's lighting bills by as much as 85%, saving you £1,000s each year

Whether your business operates from offices, factories, warehouses, retail units or a combination of these, LED lighting provides a highly power efficient and sustainable lighting solution that significantly reduces energy costs, maintenance, and your carbon footprint.

LED lighting also improves the overall lighting quality for employees, creating a safer, more welcoming working environment. LED lights come in different colour temperatures – make sure you choose wisely.

Want to know how long LED lights last? Please read our handy guide. Our Hampshire based team is on hand to answer all your questions.

PLUS – with energy efficient financing, you can upgrade to LED lighting with no upfront costs or increased overheads.

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LED lighting benefits

There are many advantages to LED lighting:

  • LED power efficiency could reduce lighting bills by as much as 85%
  • Low maintenance – saving you £100s each year on replacement lamps
  • Improved light quality, instant full brightness and even distribution
  • Over 50,000 hours of life expectancy
  • Lower carbon emissions will reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduced fire hazard due to lower running temperatures
  • Full spectrum of colour temperatures available for custom requirements
  • Fully compatible, easy to retrofit and replace
  • Flexible installation times by fully accredited installers
  • Wide range of LED lighting products – with warranties of up to 5 years
  • Energy efficient finance available with no upfront costs

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“We reduced our annual lighting costs by over 60% – saving over £4,280 each year.”

Solent Body Builders, Hampshire

Simply by switching to LED lighting in their warehouses, Solent Body Builders are able to benefit from a return on investment period of just 2.5 years, with reduced energy overheads and significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Plus, a £5,000 grant from Low Carbon Workspaces towards the cost of the project, could reduce the overall payback period even further.

Annual lighting savings
icon down - LED Lighting£4,280.00
Annual CO2 savings
icon down - LED Lighting19,317Kg

Project payback 2 years, 6 months*
* Figure also accounts for savings on annual maintenance and climate change levy.

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Choose the right type of LED lighting

There is a bewildering range of LED light types, for example: panels, downlights, spotlights, strip lights, battens, tri-proofs, low bays, high bays, bulkheads, and so on.

It’s important to select the right LED lights for the space you want to illuminate. Here are some guidelines for various office and industrial environments:

Office lighting

Offices often have ceiling grids comprising square panels. The existing office lighting will usually be square, 600x600mm fluorescent light fittings. You will also find rectangular 1200x600mm fittings.

There are direct LED replacements for this kind of office lighting. Normally, designs will be done using 600x600mm LED panel lights. Larger 1200x600mm LED office lighting does exist, but generally the smaller format is preferred.

Sometimes recessed, circular downlights with compact fluorescent bulbs are found in ceiling panels. These can either be replaced with the 600x600mm LED panel lights mentioned above, or circular LED downlights. Circular LED downlights don’t distribute light as effectively around the room as panel lights.

The worst kind of office lights you come across are halogen spotlights. These are highly inefficient and very poor at lighting the area below effectively. We recommend replacing them with either circular LED downlights or LED panel lights.

If your office doesn’t have a ceiling grid, then you might have fluorescent ‘CAT2’ fittings. These will probably be either 4, 5 or 6 feet in length. There will be either 1 or 2 fluorescent tubes in each fitting.

These CAT2 fittings are best replaced with linear LED lights that have the same physical size as the originals. This means there is no painting and decorating to do when the LED lights are installed.

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The other type of fitting found in offices with no ceiling grid is the fluorescent batten. Battens come in many variations, including: single or twin, with diffusers, reflectors, 2 foot, 3 foot, 4 foot 5 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot, T12, T8, T5, etc.

Generally, battens are not perceived as being very attractive in an office setting. They would normally be replaced by wider, linear LED lights such as the CAT2 replacements.

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Warehouse LED lighting

Warehouses normally have high ceilings. The lights are located close to the ceiling and need to be powerful to be able to illuminate the working areas below effectively.

If the warehouse has racking, with aisles in between, you normally find rectangular low bays. These fittings have either metal halide or sodium bulbs (occasionally fluorescent).

Rectangular low bays are replaced with linear LED low bays. In racking aisles, the best LED low bays throw a rectangular shaped light down onto the aisle floor. The fitting uses special optics to spread the light to suit the shape of the space.

If the warehouse is more open plan, without racking, then a circular LED high bay might be more appropriate. This type of LED lighting has a circular light spread. A well-trained LED lighting designer using DIALux can space the circular LED high bays optimally, in order to illuminate the space below to the required lux levels. The designer will also ensure the light uniformity is correct – no hot spots or dark areas.

Lighting motion sensors

LED lighting motion sensors can reduce your electricity costs dramatically.

Imagine a storage area with 20 low bays, each rated at 400W. Let’s assume there are 10 aisles, each with 2 low bays.

This particular storage area stores items that are not often needed by the company. It could be the room gets 5 visits a day and each visit lasts say 12 minutes. That’s 60 minutes usage a day.

If the first person enters the storage area at 09:00, turns all the lights on, spends 12 minutes there, and then leaves without turning the lights off, you can bet your bottom dollar the lights will remain on all day.

With 20 low bays each rated at 400W, that’s 8kW of power being called for all day long.

This is where lighting motion sensors come in.

If you fitted LED low bays with motion sensors, then a few minutes after the member of staff left at 09:12, all the lights would dim down and then shortly afterwards, switch off completely.

lighting motion sensors - LED Lighting

If another member of staff entered the room at 10:00, the lighting motion sensors nearest the person would detect movement and switch on immediately.

If the member of staff were to walk over to the last aisle, all the lights would come on, one by one. However, when he leaves the room, all the lights will go off again, saving a lot of money.

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Security lighting

Security lighting helps to keep your premises safe, especially during the night.

On external walls, floodlights are common. The bulbs are usually metal halide or sodium.

LED floodlights are excellent metal halide or sodium floodlight replacements. They are ideal for security lighting, giving out more light and at a far low electricity cost.

LED floodlights can also be programmed to come on automatically when it gets dark. This avoids you having to remember to switch them on. In the morning, when there is sufficient light, the LED floodlights will then automatically go off again.

Where the wide light spread of a floodlight is not required, LED bulkheads are a sensible option for security lighting. These are either circular, square, or rectangular in shape. They are often located around head height on walls, or for example in corridors.

Industrial lighting

LED lighting is also ideal for industrial settings. You will find plenty of battens, low bays and high bays, as covered in the sections above.

Industrial lighting also typically comprises ‘tri-proof’ fittings. These are also referred to as ‘non corrosives’ and ‘NCF’.

Tri-proofs are IP65 rated which means they are weather and dust proof. They also have shatterproof, polycarbonate housings.

If a surveyor comes across a tri-proof fitting, it’s generally best to replace it with an LED tri-proof. It has usually been put there for a reason. Probably to do with safety. It could also be a wet environment.

When designing solutions for industrial LED lighting, it is very important to discuss at length with the customer the required working and safety conditions in each area of the building. Both lumen-output and lux levels must be analysed.

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Emergency LED lighting

You will probably already have emergency lighting in your building. Emergency lighting comes on automatically in the event of a power-cut. This enables you to get out of your building safely, for example, if there is a fire.

An emergency light will often look exactly like a normal light, except for a little green dot or light. It will have an integrated battery pack which powers the light when the mains electricity is lost.

Emergency LED lighting works in the same way. It looks like the other LED lights in the same area, but you will see a little green light that signifies it is emergency LED lighting.

We only select and install high quality, highly efficient LED lights

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With energy efficient financing, the money you save in reduced energy bills can cover the repayments of your new LED lighting

Energy efficient finance makes switching to LED lighting effortless, as it can fund the new lighting and installation. Then, the monthly finance repayments can be repaid from the money you save in reduced energy bills – so no additional overhead.

It’s a great option for any size and type of business to switch to more energy efficient lighting at no extra cost and take advantage of all the benefits LED lighting provides.

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